Don’t Let Your Kitchen Be Out Of Order

A hospital, school or restaurant cannot be out of operation for any amount of time. As soon as the slightest problem occurs, a call should be made to an Atlanta Commercial Kitchen Repair company. This type of company can perform all types of commercial equipment repair including electrical system adjustments and compressor replacement. They will only send high-experienced technicians to diagnose a problem and will discuss the repair with the staff before it’s performed. They will take the age, cost, and shape of equipment into consideration for the most affordable repair choices. Commercial repair companies believe in fast, professional and prompt services being delivered to every customer’s call.

Preventative maintenance is one of the best things a kitchen can have performed on a regular basis. It can eliminate major breakdowns and problems when the kitchen’s needed the most. It will save a company money in the long run because it provides early diagnosis of a potential system failure. Trained technicians can perform:

Overall inspections.

Burner cleaning.

Coil cleaning.

Electrical adjustments.

Temperature checks.

Filter changing.

Belt replacement or adjustment.

Broken or worn hardware.

Leak testing.

Cap tube change outs.

Relay replacement.

Compressor replacement.

Replacement of Bearings.

And so much more.

A reputable and experienced Alpharetta Commercial Kitchen Repair company will provide a warranty on their labor and all manufacturer parts warranty’s offered on their product. Another benefit of working with a reputable repair company is they can also install new equipment. They will provide a business with a written estimate, advice and more when a restaurant is planning their project. They can provide and install equipment such as:


Project management.

Stack ovens.

Display cases.

Ice machines.

Rack systems.

Turn key installations.

Stainless steel welding.

Custom make lines.

And so much more.

Techs that are sent to repair, replace or install equipment should be EPA certified. In addition to equipment repair and installation, a mechanical services company should provide repair of heating and air conditioning systems. This reduces a manager or owner’s time trying to locate a company to correct a problem with the HVAC in this kitchen or restaurant area. The mechanical services company can perform regular monthly or quarterly maintenance at the same time as the kitchen equipment.

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